Rebel Restaurant & Beach Bar

Rebel beach bar is the alive history of Golden beach.

The idea of the bar was first started back in 70’s and 80’s when the owner was sleeping in his tent under the tree where the bar stands today.

Where the beach party’s with guitar become live party’s at rebel.

What is more important than drink your coffee or your home made cocktail direct on the beach and enjoy the music, the view and the good energy of the place.

Second generation customers are coming, time goes and the feeling you have in the place is like when tourists were sleeping in tents on the beach.
Every year new home made cocktails entries but always the old recipes are in the first line.

Rebel restaurant is the peace that make this place complete!

simple taste with good quality of Greek products. Fresh fruits for fruit salads for energy, big variety of special snacks and salads that you can enjoy when you drinking your cocktail in the bar or relaxing in your sun bed.
The only thing that you need here is to follow the energy of the place, so natural, as the waves IN the sea.